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War Commander hack

War Commander Cheat is an exciting and fascinating Face book strategy game. For you who is a fun of strategy games, War Commander always remind people of other Face book warfare-themed games such as EdgeWorld and Global Warfare.

War Commander Cheats Codes brings a fantastic animated tutorial, clear interface and an excellent graphics. When you start the game, you are a commander which must establish a base that must be defended to control the troops and battle units such as ships, planes, or planes. So that you can level up, you must use skills and technology to establish the base, to enhance the status of the military unit but also to collect resources.

Foremost, it’s crucial to understand the meaning of colors, so as to avoid confusion. Blue represent your belonging. Green represent the things owned by your friends. The enemy’s belongings are represented and listed in red and the yellow represent the computer-controlled rogue factions.

If you succeed the battles against Face book players, you can get gold power, metal and oil. Building a strong defense will keep your invaders out of the base like turrets. The more the chances you play and get different types of resources, the more you will gain as a commander and find an access to more powerful foot soldier, weapons and air force.

The most crucial weapons are the Behemoth Tank, Thorium, the Shock Tank, the Havoc Helicopter and the Suicide Truck. The troops are grouped in 3 classifications: air vehicles, land vehicles and infantry. The main troops includes the Heavy Gunners, the Riflemen, the Hercules, the Flame Thrower, the Sniper, the Rocket Launcher and the Jackrabbit.

You have to examine critically the enemy troops, find their weaknesses and make use the best troops to fight them. The best method to approach a base is to approach in phases. Move your troops back and forth to attack again. Not only does the bases controlled using computers have many resources of higher level, but also tougher defense.

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