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Perfect Kick Hack is an exciting new penalty shootout game designed by a Chicago based gaming company. It is the World’s first multi-player penalty kick soccer game that works in real time. Although it lacks the finesse of such games as Flick Kick Football, it still is quite engaging and player reviews show a growing interest in it. For those interested in trying it out, here are a few tips that will help you challenge and take down your competition online.

First off, if you are up against a random opponent, it is better to stick to the low shots right along the bottom of the goal-mouth. Many Perfect Kick Hack  players hate this strategy as these are the toughest spots for many goal keepers to anticipate and target a good landing spot. It is interesting to note that a gentle, short-finger swipe directing the ball to the bottom right or left hand corner of the goal will win you a good number of shoot-outs.

When on the receiving end, it is often advisable to be patient and not too quick to make your move. It is important to consider the angle and speed of the opponents approaching shot and only make a move when you are extremely certain that you have to. The best strategy here is to neither go too early or too late. A little practice will help you gauge the optimal timing for you to make your move.

Mixing up your shots is also a great way to remain competitive in the game. It can be tempting to use your killer move when playing but you must spice things up a little bit if you want to remain competitive. If you have a move that works most of the time, it is a great strategy to lure them into your trap before using so as to throw them off and not allow them to anticipate your strategy.

Adding curve to your shots is possible but in practice, we have discovered that it is better to be clever with positioning rather than shaping the kick. When starting out in the game, your focus should be on accuracy and control. Once these two skills have been refined, then you can try out the more advanced techniques.

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