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Nexon Cash Hack: How to get all the Nexon game items

Nexon is one of the major giants in the computer gaming world. Established in late 1994, Nexon’s first game was the Kingdom of Winds in 1996. The game was hugely successful and thus established Nexon as one of the top game producing companies in the World.

Nexon’s main reason of success was MapleStory, which became hugely popular in the company’s native land, Korea. The company then tried to establish this game in other areas of world, which included North America, Thailand, Europe and China. The game also managed to gain customers here but couldn’t be as popular as it was in Korea.

The company has grown into a giant, with operations now running across Europe, America and Japan. The company also has multiple subsidiaries including NDoors, ExcGames, Nextoric and GameHi among other. The company’s financial success led it to go public, which was the biggest in Japan in the year 2011

What is NX Cash?

NX cash/points is a virtual currency used to purchase virtual items across different Nexon games. These points are purchased using real-life cash and can make a major difference for players. These points cannot be transferred to other accounts and only the account that has purchased the can use them.

Nexon Cash Hack

There are various hacks that can be used to gain Nexon cash for your account. The hacks basically are created by talented programmers that use the same algorithms as the Nexon cash creators and give you the required cash/points. The reason is very simple, why pay for a virtual thing with real money? Games were supposed to be for entertainment purposes and not for profit making.

It is very simple. The user just has to download the cash hack from the website and that is it. You can easily choose the amount of Nexon cash that you want.

Nexon Cash Hack: What are the features?

The following facilities are provided by the 2013 Nexon NX cash hack

  1. The user can easily connect to the account.
  2. Anonymity of the user is always maintained using different proxies and VPN.
  3. The tool is already configured and is very easy to use.
  4. The tool itself keeps looking for new updates and auto updates when a new patch arrives
  5. Various other techniques are used that ensure that user will not be banned and is 100% foolproof.

How to use the cash hack?

  1. First thing is to download the cash generator 2013
  2. Once the program is downloaded, the program can be uploaded to to check for any malware or viruses, but the program is guaranteed to be 100% virus free. It always best to save this file into your hard drive, to avoid unnecessary deletion.
  3. Double click on the icon to start the application.
  4. Choose the desired amount of NX Cash and then click on the Generate button. The software starts using algorithms to generate the cash, so it may take a bit.
  5. The software displays codes. These codes have to be copied into the Nexon account to get the desired cash.
  6. Enjoy the game with the desired cash.

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